The Feminisation Academy

The feminisation Mistresses

Feminisation Mistress

The Feminisaton Mistress and co founder of the Feminisation Academy

Enter the realm of the Feminisation Mistress, a place of femininity, elegance and beauty a lady who truly understands desire and seduction and erotic tempest of arousal.

Drawn towards my statuesque figure that oozes femininity and dressed in the finest satin and silk, or lace and leather Mistress Kay who you will call Mistress is the epitome of your excitement, the Mistress and commander of your pleasure and pain, the controller of your restraint and your over powering, strong feminine captive holding you in firm and strict obedience. The feminisation Mistress is the ultimate Mistress to whom you will submit to in body mind and soul.

Mistress will welcome you into her realm where you will obey her every command ad submit to her will of feminising you, stripping away the shadows of your masculine control and surrendering to the ultra feminine part of yourself you have always dream of becoming.

Mistress is there to command and dominate you and strip back your layers of power to find the real you hidden deep away inside, you will be in awe of her erotic temptress bringing you to new heights of surrender and submission

Imaging the image of the Feminisation Mistress before you a ravishing black corset embedded with the finest crystals you will be besotted by her the minute your eyes fall on her. The finest stockings and high heels complete with a pencil skirt you will not be able to help yourself by to stare in disbelief. You are about to spend the next few hours being feminised by a goddess and you know your place well.

Your Journey starts here

Lady V

Lady V a sensual Mistress and co founder The Feminisation Academy of the is kind of dominant Lady you thought only existed in your dreams: You will not fail to notice her sophistication, intelligence and creativity

She has a beautiful womanly figure and soft delicate skin but look into her eyes and you will be drawn in to new depths. She will look straight into the inner workings of your mind and command your obedience from the minute she sets eyes on you.

Lady V is powerful, a siren of seduction yet sensual and controlling. She is always in full control, everything you have dreamed about she will transform you into. The Mistress of transformational experiences and in turning you into her perfect submissive she is everything you have ever dreamed of she will reveal the true you taking you deep into the world of power and surrender. She specialises in feminisation and will turn you in the lady of your dreams and then you will surrender to her power and worship her femininity obeying every command or facing the consequences of your disobedience.