The Feminisation Academy

Sissy Maid

Sissy Maid

The Feminisation Academy is a place of strict sissy and maid training and discipline. What stands out about the Academy is that it is a place for you to be your true self. We are experienced trainers who fully understand the responsibility of sissy and maid training and how to get the best out of you. You will learn from our guidance and leadership and strict discipline which you will follow to become the best sissy maid you can ever imagine becoming.

We will sissify you, force feminise you and transform you into the princess you have dreamt of becoming.

We understand the need to guide, support and lead sissy maids with our strong minds and strong dominant women. You will become a deserving sissy slut to your Mistress or Lady and such a simple act will fulfil you with purpose. We understand that to become a real well trained sissy slut it needs hard work, education and discipline.

As a Sissy maid you will crave discipline and servitude to gain acceptance and recognition from your Mistress means everything to you. .

  • How to serve and address Mistress and Lady V
  • How to dress and we will carry out uniform inspections
  • Maid training in cleaning and other menial duties
  • Correct way to present and serve Mistresses favourite, afternoon tea at the Maid Training School
  • Maid curtsy training and other etiquette requirements
  • BDSM discipline for unruly maids

Your Journey starts here

Minimum appointment time is 2 hours

Mistress Lady V Both
2 Hours £300 £300 £600
3 Hours £450 £450 £900
4 Hours £600 £600 £1,200
5 Hours £750 £750 £1,500