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Role Play

Role Play

A speciality of the Feminisation Academy is role play and the list here is only limited by your own imagination so rather than write a list of role play scenarios, the better option is to share our Role Play experience.

Mistress and Lady V have spent many years organising events around characters and role play all over the UK some as elaborate as a whole weekend dedicated to a role play scenario. So imagine you want to be a secretary we will take you the whole process of creating that look for you in feminisation and then play out the role of secretary beyond your wildest imagination.

With many years in theatrical events we are experts and excel feminised role play. The Feminisation Academy will take it to whole new level of create imagination and truely make you believe you are the part you want to play out. This is our totally unique skill at the Feminisation Academy is to bring characters to life and thoughts morph into reality. So if you have a feminisation role play request get in touch and we would be happy to talk this through with you.

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Minimum appointment time is 2 hours

Mistress Lady V Both
2 Hours £300 £300 £600
3 Hours £450 £450 £900
4 Hours £600 £600 £1,200
5 Hours £750 £750 £1,500