The Feminisation Academy

Finishing School

Finishing School

The Feminisation Academy offers a finishing school for sissys, maids and ladies.

This is a series of lessons of how to be the perfect sissy, maid or lady. We will teach and guide you how to:

  • Hold and carry yourself as a female
  • Walk like a female
  • Gesture like a female
  • Talk and soften your voice like a female
  • Eat and drink like a female
  • Take of the female persona
  • Feminine personality traits
  • To carry out tasks for your Mistress / Lady
  • To adore your Mistress / Lady
  • To care for your clothes
  • To do your hair and make up
  • To select your outfit
  • To walk in high heels

Plus many more delights of feminisation….

You will wear a feminisation academy uniform, which you will wear with pride This will be a visible sign of your submission and servitude. You will be taught how to take care of your beautiful clothes and keep them spotlessly clean all the time. You will love the lingerie that Mistress or Lady V selects for you and defines your femininity and oyu will always complete all your tasks in frilly satin or silk panties..

You will work your way from novice maid to Mistresses or Lady V’s personal maid over a period of time. You will always be striving for the highest acclaim of being a personal maid and will accompany Mistress or Lady V in public on shopping trips, to restaurants or shows and show your devotion to Mistress and Lady V by making yourself available at our commands.

Your Journey starts here

Minimum appointment time is 2 hours

Mistress Lady V Both
2 Hours £300 £300 £600
3 Hours £450 £450 £900
4 Hours £600 £600 £1,200
5 Hours £750 £750 £1,500