The Feminisation Academy



You have dreamed of being feminised and dominated. Ladies look no further with over 40 years combined experience at BDSM and Ritual BDSM experience you are in the right place.

We simply would love to feminise you and then make you our slut, whore or whoever you choose to be and then lead you into the world of domination. We will talk to you to find out what domination means to you and create something individual. Given the amount of activities that domination covers we need to ensure that we are playing within boundaries and consent and this is the most important thing to establish.

We will draw up a an agreement of what you would like to explore then and only then will we take you and strip you of your male masculininty and show you the error of your ways. You will be in servitude and under the control of Mistress and Lady V both are powerful, formidable dominant females who love to force feminise and dominate men. Nothing gives Mistress more pleasure than to see a man reduced to a quivering wreck in her chambers.

Your Journey starts here

Minimum appointment time is 2 hours

Mistress Lady V Both
2 Hours £300 £300 £600
3 Hours £450 £450 £900
4 Hours £600 £600 £1,200
5 Hours £750 £750 £1,500