The Feminisation Academy

Forced Feminisation

Forced Feminisation

Forced feminisation is what we specialise in at the Feminisation academy and you will be transformed by the Forced Feminisation Mistress or Lady V to wear lingerie and ladies clothes like a slut, sissy, bride or secretary to name a few.

You will be forced feminised into the woman you yearn to become. The Forced Feminisation Mistress or Lady V both excel in transforming you into something beautiful and becoming our play thing..

We want to create the prettiest you and we will use a selection of pretty frilly clothes from our feminisation wardrobe to turn you into a pretty little maid, or maybe its fine silks and pencil skirts so you can be our secretary for the day.. With lots of make up, wigs and heels you will soon become the woman inside.

That naughty girl that’s deep inside you can step into our world, into our boudoir and goodness only knows what will happen to you next. You may find yourself as one of my little slut bitches, or a sissy maid, even one of my ladies in waiting, or my slave girl. You will be used and abused, and do exactly we tell you tell you to do in pure servitude.

Your Journey starts here

Minimum appointment time is 2 hours

Mistress Lady V Both
2 Hours £300 £300 £600
3 Hours £450 £450 £900
4 Hours £600 £600 £1,200
5 Hours £750 £750 £1,500